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Moldovan Bible Institute

Dear Friends,

The month of September has been a busy month for EurAsian Baptist Mission. We opened the Moldovan Bible Institute on September 2. We have 50 Students this year including 19 new students. We have a serious group of young people who desire to serve the Lord. Every week our students now are working in four different villages. We hope to start new churches in these villages. The students have a traveling choir to visit churches, a taekwondo and soccer team doing village evangelism, and a few preparing to go to Siberia and work in Moldovan villages. And of course, many of our students are in training to be counselors and minister in our summer camps. In other words, we are busy here and it’s exciting to see God working.

Someone in the States asked me what we do about discipleship after the day camps in Moldova and Siberia. The answer is that we partner with local churches that take the responsibility for discipleship of those from their village or area. In Siberia we were excited to find a couple of churches that are very interested in making disciples. We will work with these churches closely and help them do a better job. We have several students interested in full time missions in Siberia. I’ll keep you posted on that development.


Heading to Malawi

Stephanie and I will be going to Africa in December when the school in Moldova takes its winter break. Pray for us as we prepare to go there and continue training men to evangelize, start churches and make disciples for the cause of Christ.

Student Supporters

Each fall we are in need of new supporters for Bible students as some of the former individual supporters have not continued. Please pray we can find funds for this important work. The cost of sponsoring a student is $600 per school year or $50 per month.

Mission Opportunities

1.Medical team forming to come to Malawi next year to work in the villages.

2.Construction team coming next summer to work on the Bible institute dormitory in Malawi.

Details coming later or contact me by email or phone.

Dr. Eric Chapman

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