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Updates from Moldova & Malawi

Dear Friends,

Malawi is in the middle of rainy season with limited access to the villages. It is the time for planning our work for the year. This is the year for opening our Malawian Bible Institute. We hope to invite about 40 young men to a two-year program of intense study in the Word. Our modular pastors’ schools will continue with the next one coming up in February. Our church planting movement is on fire and we expect almost 200 men between the two pastors’ school.

We are also excited about another new Missionary coming to work in our ministry. Miss Kiki Cunningham is coming to take over the medical clinics. Kiki was an emergency room nurse who worked her way up to administration. She is very qualified for this job. One of her greatest qualifications is extreme enthusiasm. She is very excited about coming, and she is very high energy. Please pray for her as she makes the transition to Malawi and missionary life.

In April we will also be starting to reach out into the public school system in Malawi. We will be in the village schools. We believe many of these young people will be saved and some will come to our school for training in the Bible. We are very excited about this ministry because, we are now reaching out to the most educated youth in the nation.

In Moldova the Bible Institute is working well. We have 30 students this year who are studying the Word and serving Christ in the villages of central Moldova. We are also working with the Christian University in Chisinau. I will take another trip to Central Asia in March, this time to Uzbekistan. A year ago this country was basically closed to mission work, but is now starting to open up. I will have a chance to visit and advise our graduates who have little outside influence the past ten years.

We are planning for another great camping season in Moldova. Last year almost 1,000 youth were saved in Moldova at camp. Please pray for the souls of youth and the supply of the Lord for this evangelistic effort.

God Bless,

Dr. Eric Chapman

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