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Ministries of EurAsian

Dear Friends, April

2021 Even during these difficult days, the work of the Lord Jesus is continuing.

Malawi: Joshua is doing a great job there, and the ministry is thriving. They are running Medical Clinics now, and many are being treated and hearing the Gospel. During the past year over 20 new churches have been started, and the new church leaders attended a Pastors School a few weeks ago. Our mission in Malawi is functioning as the New Testament model of church-planting. The first class of graduates from our Bible School will graduate soon, and, of course, our older pastors continue their Biblical education at a slower pace. It never ceases to amaze me how the Spirit of God uses simple men in great ways.

Moldova: Our Bible Institute is going well. We have 23 students that are studying here this year. I see a hunger for the Word of God, and the team here is pleased with the students and their progress. We are not sure we will be allowed full camps this summer due to continuing concern about the virus. We are planning for smaller groups and will have some activity during the summer. The great problem is that we depend on rental groups for additional funds to help support the Bible School; due to the virus, there will be no rentals this year. Please pray for provision from the Lord. Thanks to so many of you who have sponsored a student this year; your generosity has allowed us to keep the school open. This is the first year where all the students have received a sponsorship. This is God’s work, and He has repeatedly supplied what we need.

Central Asia: I was in Kyrgyzstan for 3 weeks in March. I had planned a 2-month trip, but the boarders were closed, and it was not possible for me to get the necessary visas for Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. We are planning two initiatives in Kyrgyzstan this summer.

- In July, we have a team of 11 students who will minister in a Christian orphanage. Our team will need funds for room and board, and we would like to give a gift to the orphanage. It would be a blessing to have $2,000 for this outreach.- We are also running two weeks of camp at the large lake in the eastern part of Kyrgyzstan. We are expecting between 250 and 350 youth for these two weeks. About half of the campers will be non- Christian youth from Muslim families, and we believe this to be prime opportunity for the Gospel. Our costs will be $50 per camper. If God leads you, please consider helping with the cost of this camp.

Thank you for your prayers and for giving to the Lord. It has been the greatest privilege of my life to be your missionary and to serve the Lord in these foreign places.

God Bless,Dr. Eric Chapman


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