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Moldovan Institute & C.A. plans

Dear Praying Friends,                                                                                              October 12, 2021


We have been back in Malawi for a week now. We hit the ground running and started working immediately with the Mobile Medical Clinics. I have also been visiting the new churches and preaching in our Bible School chapels. Praise God, everything is going great on Malawi. Many new churches have been started, and we are thankful for a team that continues the work here.


I have a link for a short video presentation. Please feel free to show it to the church, but do not put it online. We were able to start a small business in Uzbekistan that will allow us to get a visa and cover the ministry there. We have started a small tour company. The main purpose is to run backpacking camps for teens through our contacts in the house churches. We met with a number of small house churches, and they told us this is an answer to prayer. They wanted to start an extreme camp ministry but didn’t have funds and lacked leadership. Uzbekistan is a closed country to missions so we are glad to begin what we hope will be an evangelistic ministry there. Please pray for the protection of our team in Uzbekistan and for supply from the Lord. We will need a lot of equipment and will pass that along later as we develop the camp ministry.


Next summer we are planning two full weeks of camp in Moldova and two weeks in Kyrgyzstan. The economies of both countries have suffered during this world crisis. We anticipate needing about $50 per teenager. We want to bring a total of 1000 youth. Pray for the end of this present crisis and for the supply of the Lord.


We graduated a large class from the Moldovan Bible Institute in May, and we have a large new class this fall. We still have students needing sponsorship at $600 for the year or $50 per month. Please pray for the students and the supply of the Lord.


Thank you for your prayers and support. Without your help we would not be able to do this work for the Lord.


God Bless,

Eric Chapman D.D.


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