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Malawi has for years been in the top poorest countries in the world and 80% of the people live by subsistance farming. This year the rains were far below normal and there is a sever drought in many areas. Many of our church people have lost all of their corn crop which is their primary food source. Our mission is planning to distribute food through our churches to those in most need.

Many people suffer from treatable diseases but are unable to get to medical facilities because of poverty and distance. The Mobile Medical Clinic reaches into the remote villages of Malawi. Along with the Clinic the people hear the Good News of Christ's saving love and sacrifice for them. Click the title above and view a video of our first clinic.

The economy of Moldova is such the children and youth coming to the camps cannot pay for the expenses, therefore we suppliment their camper fees. These camps are not just for recreation for the youth but primparily for the opportunity to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them, giving the opportunity to choose God for eternity. 

Because of disease and death, many children are without parents in Malawi. Every day our mission feeds 25 orphans from two of our Zomba churches. These children hear of the love of Christ in the churches and see the love of Christ demonstrated by the gifts of believers. Click the title above to view photos of this ministry.

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