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We train and enable 9 teams of Malawians to run Day Camps in their regions. Each team of 5 men bicycle to a different village every day for 2 or 3 months to preach the Gospel and have youth activities and singing. The purpose of these Day Camps is to evangelize and open the door for discipleship and church planting.

There is an urgent need to teach and train pastors in Malawi. We have 6 weeks of modular schools each year for the 200 plus pastors in our mission. We have built a school facility in Zomba and in the Lower Shire. Shepherd's Academy is a Biblical school specifically for younger men for pastoral training.

As a result of the evangelistic efforts in southern Malawi, many new churches have been started with these new believers. EurAsian Baptist Mission is actively helping these young believers with preaching, discipleship and training. Please pray for these local believers. Click the title above to view photos of this ministry.


Many people suffer from treatable diseases but are unable to get to medical facilities because of poverty and distance. The Mobile Medical Clinic reach into the remote villages of Malawi. Along with the Clinic the people hear the Good News of Christ's saving love and sacrifice for them. Click the title above and view a video of the clinics.

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