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Chapman Update

We are back home in Moldova after a 10-month furlough. There is so much to discuss and plan for upcoming ministries. The team here in Moldova has done a great job in my absence, and I am thankful for these men who have been working with us for years.

Siberian Team:

We are sending Mihai, our camp director, with 6 of our students to the city of Krasnoyarsk in Siberia, Russia to open a mission station and run Day Camps. We have partnered with several local Baptist churches there and will reach the youth in the vicinity of those churches. By 2016 we hope to have a fully operational mission there with trained men running camps all summer. This year our people will be on the ground from June 4th until June 28th. Pray for their safety, for souls to be saved, and for the supply of the Lord as we once again step out by faith.

Moldovan Camps:

We have 6 weeks of camp planned in of our camp facilities in Moldova; we have invited 2,400 children and teens this year. We are in great need of prayer and finances for the summer. Please consider helping us reach these young people for the Lord.

This summer EurAsian Baptist Mission, with God’s help, will be running camps on three continents. We are running day camps in Moldova, Siberia, and Malawi. We hope to present the Gospel to 12,000 youth this summer through this format. We have a great opportunity to make an impact for the Kingdom. Please pray for this and help, if you can. For $2 a person in the Day Camps, we can feed the youth a small meal, give them a snack, and provide some discipleship material.

Bible Institute Graduation:

Sixteen students will graduate on May 24th. This has been a wonderful group of young people and we will miss them. Pray for them as they go out to serve the Lord. They all are preachers and teachers of the Gospel, and some will be future missionaries and pastors.

Stephanie and I will be leading the charge in Africa. Pastors Gama and Magada are assembling a team, and we will be training the team as soon as we get there at the end of May. All of June will be devoted to running these day camps. The camps will be located in the villages where we already have established churches. We are expecting thousands of youth to attend and need your prayers.

African Pastors’ school will be in July. We will be training about 150 pastors and church leaders in two locations.

All summer ministries are run in cooperation with local churches or with the intent of starting a local church. This allows us to assist the local church in follow-up ministries.

Thank you for your prayers and your support.

Dr. Eric Chapman

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