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Medical Clinics in Malawi

We have been so busy with Medical Clinics here in Malawi the past few weeks that I have not had much time to report about the ministry in Moldova, so here goes.

The Moldovan Camp team had a week off this past week, but last week 232 teenagers made a profession of faith in Christ during the last teen week. That’s a great victory for Christ when that many teenagers ask our Lord to save them from their sins. I understand they were a very serious group and listened very well to the preaching of the Word. So far we have been able to pay for the camp expenses, but we need your prayers and help to finish the last two weeks of camp. A gift of $20 will help a teenager come and hear the Gospel. Pray for the supply of the Lord for this important ministry.

In Malawi we have been having a great month with Medical Clinics. We have been able to preach to thousands of people who are hopelessly poor. The response to the Gospel has been just overwhelming. Evangelist Micah Self has been doing a great job preaching with the translation help of our own Pastor Gama. Two young men came from Philadelphia and introduced a new element to the clinics: youth work. Vasiliy Dimov and Daniel Kochobay (my son-in-law) have attracted hundreds of youth with sports and a Bible message. Thousands of people have positively responded to the Gospel because of the clinics. Pray for us as we continue to work at these evangelistic outreaches. Please consider either coming and helping us in the clinics or supporting this work financially.

Our day camps in Africa are moving forward and many in remote areas are hearing the Gospel for the first time because of their efforts. Later in the summer I will give a more specific report on their result, but over the past 3 years, more than 45 churches have been started because of this ministry. And the beautiful thing is that this year and last year the local Malawians have been leading these teams.

Pray for us as we are working on many fronts to preach and teach to many who have never heard a clear Gospel of Christ.

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