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Moldovan Camps, C.A. & Malawi ministries

Dear Friends, May 31, 2023

We are looking forward to a busy summer of camp in Moldova. We are planning 5 weeks and expecting 250 children and youth per week. We have several new staff on our team and have been working with them all year. They are excited, as they have put together a great program for the summer. We do all of this with one goal in mind: to preach the Gospel and introduce youth to Christ. With all the problems around the world these last few years, there is a renewed interest among youth concerning God and spiritual things. Please pray for souls to be saved this summer in Moldova. If you want to help by giving toward scholarships to those who can’t afford the full cost of camp, you can give on our website or directly to the mission address. A $20 gift would help a Moldovan or Ukrainian youth pay part of their week of camp.

We are also running camps in Kyrgyzstan, as we have done for several years. This year they are paying for their own transport, and next year we hope each participant will be able to pay their full cost of $100 for the 8-day camp. We are expecting 250 campers, and about half will be Muslim youth that don’t know Jesus. Please pray that these camps will make a huge difference in this Central Asian region, which was formerly under Soviet control. In August we will also help our partners run 4 backpacking camps in Uzbekistan. Almost all of those campers will be Muslim. Last year God used these camps tremendously in bringing souls to himself. Thank you for your prayers.

For the last four weeks I have been in Africa and will be back in Moldova on June 8th. We have distributed 70 tons of corn to the poorest areas that were hit the hardest in the March cyclone. With their second crop now ready for harvest, we feel this effort will be enough to protect them from starvation. The second crop is sweet potatoes, peas, cassava, and millet. In their gratitude, many of the folks asked me to pass on a big thanks to those of you who helped them during their time of need. God Bless each of you who gave and prayed.

Also, during my time in Malawi, we ran two weeks of medical clinics with several salvations during the preaching time. We are now in our first week of conferences with pastors. Next week we go to the Lower Shire for another conference. After that I’ll be heading back to our home in Moldova.

God Bless,Eric Chapman D.D.


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