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Camp in Northern Moldova

Dear Friends,


We have been running camps in northern Moldova the last couple of weeks. Each week had about 110 youth and leaders in attendance. The first week was Russian speaking and 43 youth were saved. The second week was Romanian language, and 60 youth accepted the Lord! We thank God for His Spirit moving in many hearts as the Word was preached among these young people.


It has been a blessing to see God continue to work in the hearts of many through these camps. Thank each of you that have been a part of this ministry through the years with your gifts and prayers. We appreciate your continued prayers as we share the Gospel where God has directed us in Moldova, in Malawi and in Central Asia. Next week our team in C.A. will be running their first backpacking camp to share the Gospel with Muslims in that country. Please pray for this new outreach.

God Bless,

Eric Chapman D.D.


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