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Moldovan Evangelistic Camps

                                                                                                                                    July 6, 2023

Dear Friends,


We are about to finish our third week of camp for the summer in Moldova. The first week we had 259 children in camp and 145 made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ! The second week we had 242 teens in camp and 181 made professions of faith. This week is a smaller camp with 112 campers, and we saw about 80 youth come forward at the invitation.

Continue to pray for us as we have two more weeks of camp this summer. We are expecting about 500 more youth in those two weeks. It’s been a great summer in many ways. We’ve had inexperienced counselors and program director, and there have been some missteps along the way, but everyone is learning and growing in their service for the Lord. I have not seen a summer, however, with more spiritual attacks against my team and this ministry. At this point they realize the attacks are a sign of the spiritual work we are endeavoring to do, and that the enemy is not pleased. Please continue to pray for the Moldovan camp team.


We thought at the beginning of the summer that we were charging the correct amount for camp from the Moldovan campers. However, as we move forward the price on everything from food to energy has continued to increase. Please pray for us as we labor for the Lord and that God will supply all our needs here.


We are attaching a video I made last week. For all our churches and supporters, I’m planning a furlough starting in September 2024 and hope to visit many of you. Because of the events of the last few years, there hasn’t been time to come back for any extended period.


Thank you for your support and prayers.

God Bless,


Eric Chapman D.D.


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