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Malawi & Moldova

                                                                                                       April 21, 2023

Dear Friends,


I will be leaving in a week for Malawi. While there I’ll be inspecting all the districts of the southern region where we have church plants. I understand the damage is extensive and the needs are great. I have already sent funds ahead so my partner Josh Hutchins can begin buying corn. Many of our church folks have lost their homes and possessions. Along with those loses they also lost their gardens, food animals, and all food reserves. I’ll report back my findings as soon as I can. If you want to help the people of Malawi, funds can be sent to the mission board in Pensacola or through online giving through our website. All address, and links are below.


Camp in Moldova is just around the corner. We begin in mid-June. Due to the pandemic and the Ukrainian refugee crisis, many of our village youth will not be able to pay the full cost of camp. If you can help sponsor a youth to camp this year, it is $20 per youth. We will have a clear Gospel presentation throughout the week. We anticipate a good turn out to camp and pray many will be saved.

I recorded a video about the mission needs this week. Here is the link:


The vice president of my mission, Mark Ziegler, passed away last week in Ohio. Mark was an inspiration to all who knew him. He was a godly man who loved Jesus. He gave much of his energy and funds to the Lord. He came many times to Moldova and Malawi. He worked the past few years putting roofs on churches and preaching to the people in Malawi. Mark will be greatly missed. Pray for his wife Ellen, his 5 children and many grandchildren.


God Bless,


Eric Chapman D.D.


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