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Moldova, C.A. & Malawi Plans & Updates

Dear Friends,


As we continue the work of the ministry, we appreciate you keeping us in your prayers. The war in the Ukraine is far from over, and it still threatens to spill over into Moldova. We wonder if there will be more refugees or if we might become refugees ourselves.


But we still proceed with the ministries we have and plan for the future. Camp is looking exciting this year. We have trained new program leaders and are making general improvements in our facilities. We are planning to run 5 weeks of camp and are expecting at least 1,000 youth to attend this summer. The Bible Institute continues throughout the year and our students are growing in the Lord. Even though we continue to host about 30 refugees in our camp facilities, we maintain our ongoing ministries as normally as possible.


In Central Asia, my co-workers are working with youth and college-age young people. Two new churches have been started, and the team there is preparing for summer camp. We expect at least 200 teens for this camp.


In Malawi, Africa, our missionary partners have returned from furlough. They have jumped right into the Bible School work.


We are looking into a possible trip to southeastern Turkey where the earthquake hit. Pray that, if I’m supposed to go with the team from Moldova, God will open the door. We know believers there who are being refused aid because they are known to be Christians. I believe there is an open door for the Gospel in this area.


Worldwide all goods and services are getting more expensive. God knows this, and we trust Him to supply. If you can help us, please see our contact information below: checks can be mailed to our Pensacola address, or you can use the electronic giving link on our website. If you would like to be included in our emailed updates, please let us know with a brief email addressed to the Gmail below.


Thank you for your prayers and support,

Eric Chapman D.D.


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