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Ministry Update

Dear Friends, February 1, 2024


The last few years have been difficult due to world events beyond our control. The future is also uncertain. But one thing is for sure, Jesus is still the King, and we have a calling from the King to do his work.


The ministry in Moldova is now under the complete authority of the national Moldovans. My role there is to pray and continue to send funds for the Bible Institute and camp as donations come in. They are on a course to have 11 graduates this May and camp in the summer. Pray for the work in Moldova.


I turned the ministry in Central Asia over to the nationals as well. The Central Asian team has raised its own support, and they are tasked with reaching their own people. My involvement was derailed by the pandemic, so the team has been mostly working on their own for several years. They have run youth camps during the past few summers, and they plan to continue to do so. Pray for the evangelistic efforts of the good men of Central Asia.


Stephanie and I are being led to concentrate our energies in Malawi for now. Our missionary colleagues, the Hutchins, are leaving in May. They have done a good job while there, however, their autistic son needs attention they can’t get in Malawi. Josh plans to be involved in the ministry as he is able. One of my jobs in the next few years is to prepare the nationals to lead the ministry in Malawi.


We are beginning to see some of the fruits of revival in Malawi. After the rains stop, we plan to hold revival meetings in the village regions. Please pray for these evangelistic outreaches which will be in April and May.


Furlough Note to Pastors: We still have some open dates during our 2024 furlough. We will be back in the States from June to December. My open dates are in September and November. Let me know if you have interest in a personal visit.


God Bless,


Eric Chapman D.D.


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