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Dear Friends, October 19, 2023


We have been in Malawi for a few weeks. We are running village evangelism and helping wherever we are needed. Every Sunday is booked through November, and we are excited to see what God will continue to do in Malawi.  We preached in a church on Sunday that was planted by our evangelist and church planter Brother Friday; about 15 persons accepted the Lord. Please pray for this new church plant near Salima, Malawi.


We have been working the past few years to leave the Moldovan ministry in the hands of our nationals. They will run the entire ministry and hopefully be able to fund the summer camp through camper fees. If you still want to help with the ministry, camp, and school, please send the funds to the mission and we will pass them on. Please pray for the men there as they work for God and continue the ministry.


We are planning a furlough this coming June 2024 through February 2025. If your church is interested in our coming, please let me know through email.


Here is a brief video, please take a look.


God Bless,


Eric Chapman D.D.


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