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Letter from the Road

Dear Friends, First Quarter 2018

As you know Stephanie and I are on furlough until June 27. In the mean time, the ministries in Moldova and Malawi are still running with the nationals’ leadership. Churches are meeting each Sunday just as your church meets. The school in Moldova starts classes again in a few weeks, and the camp staff is starting preparations. During the winter break, the kitchen in Moldova has been totally renovated with new equipment and other upgrades.

Some friends of the mission are preparing Bible notes for translation into Chichewan, the national Malawian language. At present there is no Bible concordance available in Chichewan. These translated notes will be very valuable to our Malawian pastors.

At the completion of our furlough, Joshua Hutchens and his family will be coming to join our work in Malawi as full-time missionaries. Josh and Stacy worked with us in Moldova in 2009-2011. After a year of language study, Josh plans to take over education of pastors and start the new Bible Institute in Malawi.

Upon our return to Malawi in June, we plan two pastors’ schools: one in August and one in October. We will also be running the Mobile Medical Clinics in July and September.

We are praying about how to start a new ministry in Malawi in the public schools. We have an open door to work with schools in the rural areas. Pray that God will raise up another missionary to come and do this important work.

We are praying about an outreach trip from Moldova at the end of August. I will be there for the opening of our Bible Institute, and some Moldovan colleagues and I are considering a trip to several Central Asian countries. We have students from Moldova who have gone to these former Soviet countries doing missionary work. The purpose of my trip will be to see how best to help them succeed there. More information is to come later.

Please pray about helping the Moldovan camp this summer. In the past some churches have had great success raising funds for the Moldovan camps at their VBS. We are asking a gift of $20 per camper to help. There will be many unsaved kids in camp, and your gift will go 100% toward this evangelistic effort.

Pray for us, as we are covering many miles on the road. We have already had an altercation with a dump truck, in which our vehicle suffered the greater damage. It has been great seeing many of you, and we look forward to seeing many more churches in the months ahead as we travel across the U.S.

God Bless,

Dr. Eric Chapman

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