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Dear Friends,

We just had our first week of children’s camp in Moldova. Stephanie and I have the privilege of being here this summer. This week we had 207 children in camp. Our program director Igor Ciobanu worked here for years as a counselor. Igor is doing a great job this summer, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Brother Victor Chiper preached this week and he too is a veteran minister in our camps. Many of our counselors are new, meaning this is their first time working in camp. Igor put together a great training time, and we feel we have very good leaders this year. We were very clear that younger children should be handled wisely at decision time; we wanted to be careful not to push for decisions among the younger ones. Of course, we will not hinder those who understand and want to follow Christ.

Out of 207 campers 200 came forward at the invitation, which speaks to the moving of the Gospel among the children and the heart of the preacher. However, due to many children being under 8 years old, our councilors reported 39 very strong professions of faith this week. The seed of the Word was sown in many hearts and we believe we will reap the harvest for God in due time.

Camp sounds like fun and it is, but it is more than that. It is a place to bring the youth to hear the Gospel. We do it for Christ and the spreading of the Gospel. This is a ministry that cannot be done without mission support and prayer.

We have many weeks to go this summer, and if you can help us send children to camp, we would be grateful. The help we need is $20 per child and teen. Gifts can be mailed directly to the mission or given on-line through our website. For those of you who have already donated to this need, thank you.

Next week is a regular junior week, 10 and up. Many of our children are coming from nearby villages and have not heard the Gospel before. Please pray that many will hear the Gospel and be saved.

God Bless,

Dr. Eric Chapman

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