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A few years ago I had a converstaion with Wilson Magada, my co-worker in Malawi; he expressed his great burden about the situation in Malawi. The average yearly income in Malawi is $900. Every year people die of starvation because of poor harvests. They die of malaria, HIV, and a score of other diseases. Zomba is a city of 600,000 and the district has 3.5 million people with one under-equipped hospital. In a country of 15 million persons there are 1 million orphans. I’m describing one of the top ten poorest countries in the world. I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

Toward the end of my conversation with Magada that day, he looked at me in despair and said: “No one cares about poor Malawians, if they live or die, go to heaven or hell”. I went to bed that night broken for these people; I must care because Jesus cares.

That is why I plea for helpers. Malawi needs your help and prayers. She needs doctors and nurses to come and help heal the sick; teachers and pastors to come and help teach Malawi’s pastors and future leaders; builders and workers to come and help build structures for Bible schools and churches. Malawi needs friends to give a few dollars to help the orphans and the training of pastors. Missionaries are needed to come and help carry the load.

I have a burden for Malawi. Please consider standing with me, for souls! Please pray for us as we try to reach the masses of Malawi with the Gospel. Stephanie and I will be leaving for Malawi on November 26th.


Testimony of Valentin Dejmari

I am 21 years old and was born during the Moldovan civil war. One time a soldier approached our house and started shooting into the room. During that time of unrest, my family escape and crossed the Nistru River to the Moldovan side. The war was behind; however, the difficult times did not leave us. We were hungry and lacked other basic essentials of life. But the greatest void in our lives was spiritual. In those troubled times we needed a father who could lead and sustain us, but unfortunately, our dad was an alcoholic. We looked desperately for something or someone that could help.

One day I noticed a change in my mom. She had accepted Jesus Christ and her life was changed. Christians in our village invited us to Sunday school. Initially, my motivation of going was to receive food, but in time, I realized that I needed more than material things. The Lord was working in my heart, and two years later, at twelve, I accepted Christ. He gave me a joy and fulfillment that nobody else in this world could.

A few years ago, the Lord gave me an opportunity to study in the Eurasian Baptist Bible Institute. Here He has been transforming my life. I have grown at this school both in knowledge and spiritual character. It is my intense desire to apply God’s truths in my life and serve the Lord all my life.

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