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Malawi Update

Leprosy in Malawi

We have been in Malawi four months now and here is a brief report. Last weekend I preached in 6 churches in the Lower Shire and have scheduled 8 for this weekend. While there I was in one village that I would categorize as the poorest I have seen in this region of Malawi. The houses were made of mud and sticks with grass roofs. Many of the children had swollen bellies which is characteristic of hunger and malnutrition. The most disturbing thing I saw was a little girl with leprosy. I may have seen two cases of this dreaded disease last week. I spoke to a local doctor here in Zomba and he informed me that leprosy has re-emerged in the Lower Shire region of Malawi. On the bright side we preached the Gospel in this village and many accepted the Lord as Savior.

We are taking a medical team to the Lower Shire in April and are planning other teams in the future. Our vision is to have a mobile medical clinic that can move throughout these villages to minister to the people. If you have the skill to help, please consider coming on a future medical team.

As I have been out preaching and trying to reach people with the Gospel these months, two things in particular have burdened me. 1) Old age is creeping up on me. I envision the time when I can’t keep up this schedule in this environment. 2) I need a younger man to help me. Please pray with me for a younger man with a heart for the lost and needy. I am willing to be spent for God here, but I will eventually burn out due to age.

Construction Project

We have started construction on our Bible school building in Malawi and need help with construction workers in June/July. If you are interested in coming, let me know and I will send you the details. We need funds to finish this building; please consider helping us financially. This building will be a great blessing to our pastors and young men who have a desire to learn and serve God.

Malawi Hunger Relief

In the last few weeks we gave out the last of the corn from last year’s Hunger Fund. We were waiting until February because that is the time when food runs out and the harvest is still months away. Thanks to all who helped with this project last year. It looks like there will be a very good harvest this year.

Malawi Summer Ministries

In Malawi we are running schools for pastors in June. We will be training 180 men in Biblical Doctrines. Please pray for God’s provision for this training time. I’m also excited about training Malawian young people and local pastors to reach their own in day camps. We plan to run 8 Malawian led teams. To provide transport for the team members I need bicycles. $100 buys a bike and all they need to work for the summer. Imagine, each team has the potential to reach 10,000 with the Gospel. Please pray for this effort and its supply.

Moldovan Summer Camps

Preparations and plans for Moldovan camp are being made. We are ambitious and want to reach many thousands for the Lord both in overnight camps and day camps. Only $15 will assist a teenager to come to camp and hear the Gospel. We are expecting 3,000 youth in camp and 5,000 in day camps this summer.

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