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Bible Institute Opens

Dear Friends,

As you know Stephanie and I are in Moldova now and enjoying the time with students and staff in the Bible Institute. God is blessing this ministry more than I could ever have imagined. Recently we were facing a major obstacle: the government inspectors insisted that we make major remodeling of the dorms and cafeteria before we could open camp next year. Our team and students did a lot of praying and asking the Lord for help and provision. This week we received a very generous gift from an anonymous source for this remodeling! Through the years we have seen over 25,000 youth make a profession of faith in the camps and God wants us to stay open. We have a great God!

We do need sponsors for students this year. We have 45 students and only 20 sponsors at this time. The cost for a student is $600 for the year or $50 per month. Please pray about investing in a young person’s life. These youth are out every week telling others about Jesus. They also work in the camps in the summer.

Pastor Gama has been teaching pastors schools in the Lower Shire region of Malawi for the past two weeks. Next week he is going just over the boarder into Mozambique to visit with our churches there. In the past few years our Malawian evangelists have crossed the boarder, preached the saving grace of Christ, and churches have been started. These church leaders need much training. Please pray for Pastor Gama as he travels and works for God.

Magada is supervising the construction of the Pastor’s School building in Zomba. We have been doing this construction slowly with our regular support funds. This is a fantastic project that is just so exciting. Imagine what we can do with 100 young men trained for the Lord. Imagine how much more effective our older pastors will be, if we can bring them together regularly for modular classes in this facility. We still need $12,000 for the next phase of the building. I believe God wants this built for His Glory; please pray for the supply of the Lord.

Thanks to all of you who pray for us. I am always amazed at what God is doing. We feel so blessed to be a part of the ministry both in Moldova and Malawi.

Pray for Moldova and Malawi,

Dr. Eric Chapman

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