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Summing up 2014

This year has been the most productive we have experienced as missionaries. The Moldovan ministries continued with the addition of student teams evangelizing across the country. Our teams ministered to an estimated 10,000 persons as well as 2,500 in summer camps. In Malawi we preached the Gospel to almost 40,000 in Day Camps and a total of up to 65,000 for the year. We saw well over 25,000 professions of faith and 40 new churches started. We also started baptizing the people and ordaining their pastors. We run modular classes for church leaders and pastors; the school building in Zomba is under construction for this purpose.

The future looks bright in 2015 as new doors of opportunity are before us. We will equip and train extra teams to go out into Malawi to preach the Gospel in Day Camps. We will continue evangelizing and starting new churches in Mozambique. In January we are having a Sunday School training to begin a national education movement within our mission. We have been given donations for an ambulance that will be used to take medicine and the Gospel to the people in the bush villages.

In Moldova we are expanding the camp ministry to include more education. Moldovans are very interested in camps that offer education as well as recreation. To meet this need we are starting three types of camps this year, each with specific learning emphasis: English, sports, and computers. We will also continue to run traditional camps, but all of these camps will have the foundational purpose of evangelizing. The Bible Institute will continue to be a force for preaching the Gospel and training the youth for ministry.

Thank you for your prayers and support this past year. As we near the time when Jesus will return, the world will continue to be more turbulent. However, in the third world the opportunities for missions will be greater. Our hope and strength should be as Jacob in Hebrews 11:10 as he looked for a city… whose builder and maker is God. Stay strong and look to God, perhaps 2015 will be the year we will hear the trumpet of the Lord!

Have a blessed Christmas season.

Eric and Stephanie Chapman


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