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Chapman Update

Dear Friends and Supporters:

We have been busy after the New Year with two weeks of pastors’ school. We studied the book of Acts with my brother-in-law Mike Rollwagen from WordWalk as lead teacher. We had 65 men in the Zomba region and almost 90 in the Lower Shire.

After the schools finished we made our work plan for the next 6 months. Our pastors’ school building in Zomba still needs toilets, showers, half the windows and doors and finish cement work. We are also planning for the start of construction on our Lower Shire school property. We are truly blessed and thankful for a donor that has given us the funds to complete phase one of the Lower Shire project.

February is rainy season so we have slowed down on visiting bush churches. We have a great school planned for March. And as soon as the rains finish we are moving forward with the Medial Clinics.

In Moldova the Bible school will start again in February. We do have an urgent need at the camp and school facility. Our water tanks are very old and date from the Soviet era. We have welded and patched them numerous times but that isn’t possible any more. The government inspectors are insisting the tanks be replaced before the June camps. These tanks hold 50,000 liters of water. The cost of this is $13,500. Camp cannot begin next summer until we replace these tanks. Please pray for us concerning this need.

God bless,

Dr. Eric Chapman

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