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March Report from Chapmans

Report From MOLDOVA:

The Bible Institute has started its spring semester. The students are excited about classes and serving the Lord. Many students are out on the weekends helping churches and participating in Gospel work.

Camp is also just around the corner. For $20 you can help a youth come hear the Gospel. The children and youth are already signing up. In our 18 years of running camps almost 30,000 youth have made professions of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Many youth have dedicated their lives to Christ; we have pastors, youth pastors, and missionaries serving Christ because they have accepted Him at camp. Many children cannot afford the full cost to come, so please pray about helping us bring these to camp so they can hear the Word and be saved. At the order of government inspectors, we also must install a new water tank and filtration system for our facility. We still need $7,300 to pay for the whole system.

Report From MALAWI:

We just had a great school with 135 pastors attending. I have never seen the men so encouraged, as they were at the conclusion of the school. We are using the school building in Zomba even though it is not finished. Pray we can find the funds to complete the building.

We have an urgent prayer request. There is a drought in southern Malawi this year and it will affect many of our church people. The UK Business News reports the draught will affect 2.5 million across the southern region of Malawi. At the school I noticed that many of our pastors were thin and looked unhealthy. Already people are beginning to starve and help is slow in coming. There are no food reserves because of the flooding last year. Please pray for our people. The basic food they eat here is very cheap: corn flour. Most of our people are farmers and have no other source of income. Consider feeding a Christian family during this crisis; a donation of $15 would feed a family of four for a month.

We plan to resume the mobile medical clinic tour soon. Please pray for our safety as we travel and preach the Gospel to thousands who come to the village clinics. Pray for our people during this food crisis as well. The Muslims, Mormons, and Catholics are already mobilizing to help those who will join their respective churches.

God bless,

Dr. Eric Chapman

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