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Missions on the Move

Missions on the move in MOLDOVA

Since 1998 we have run the camp ministry in Moldova where many thousands of young people have been saved and called into God’s service. We have a great and wonderful opportunity to continue to share the Gospel with Europe’s poorest nation. We can bring 2,000 youth to camp who have never heard the Gospel and show them the love of God. But we need help to send the youth to camp; the cost is $20 per youth. Moldova’s economy has never been able to improve due to the political battle between the Russian Federation and the European Union. Last year under the eyes of the Russians, banks in Moldova over one billion dollars of assets were stolen and removed from the country. This has thrown the economy into turmoil and continues the economic depression.

The Moldovan camp needs a total of $40,000 for the summer. Based on past history we will see many of these youth accept Christ and some of them will stay for our Bible School. Please pray for this important need. Donations can be made for the camp on our website electronically or sent to the mission by check. I have spoken to my Moldovan staff, and they are optimistic that this coming summer is going to be the greatest summer in our history; they just need our help to meet the expenses of food, utilities and supplies.

Missions on the move in MALAWI

I want to thank each of you who gave to our African Hunger Fund. We have been able to raise enough funds to distribute food to our churches two times. The money received thus far is being used to find and buy dried corn; in this year of poor harvest, this is a logistical challenge. This corn will be distributed to the churches in the near future and again in a few months when the need is at its greatest. Your gifts have saved lives and allowed us to show the love of Christ in a greater way. I believe many souls will also be saved when others see that God has provided for the basic needs of these Christians.

Here is some encouraging news from our Malawian churches. I was going to cancel day camps this year because of the hunger situation. At our leaders meeting last week, the men asked me if I would permit them to do the day camps on their own: “Just give us the bikes to get from village to village.” Of course, my response was “Yes!” I am thrilled that they are so eager. In the past two years we have started many churches through the day camps. So Malawian pastors and their teams will be starting this program again in a mouth or so. Please pray that these camps will lead to many saved and new churches started in the bush. There is more news and many good things happening which I will share in the future.

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