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Plans for 2017

Stephanie and I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. Thank you for helping to make 2016 a successful year for our mission work. Let us all pray together for God’s blessings in 2017.

With God’s guidance and provision, in 2017 we plan to accomplish these ministries:

1) Finish the Zomba school building by April in preparation for a full time Bible School in Malawi.

2) Buy new bicycles for our day camp teams in Malawi at a cost $100 each.

Note: We spent $10,000 in the past 3 years to buy 50 bikes and to keep them repaired for our teams. With these teams we preached to about 150,000 people and saw many make professions of faith. As a result 36 new churches were started.

3) Raise funds for the camp in Moldova. It is my prayer to see the Moldovan ministries continue to be funded and secure long after I’m in heaven. If 50 individuals or churches would commit to $100 monthly support, the camp ministry and Bible Institute funding would be sustainable.

Note: We have seen 40,000 youth saved in the Moldovan camps since 1998. In our Bible Institute we have young people preparing to preach the Gospel in Moldova and all the Russian federation. As a result of these two ministries, our youth are ministering in almost every country of the former Soviet Union.

4) Continue the Mobil Medical Clinics in the remote villages of Malawi. We have 45 clinics planned for this year.

5) Plan our upcoming furlough that allows supporters to envision their opportunities and participation in these ministries. If a visit from me would be edifying, email me directly at Our target dates are mid-October 2017 through July 2018.

Thank you for your prayers and generosity. Together let’s make 2017 another fruitful year for the cause of Christ.

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