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Malawi & Moldovan Updates

We are glad to report God’s blessings on both ministries in Malawi and Moldova.

Malawi Report:

February was a very busy month. We ran two Pastors’ schools in Malawi. Both of our school buildings are now finished, and we are praising God for allowing us to use them for the teaching of the Bible to these men. We also distributed corn, for the second time, to relieve the pain from famine. That is the last of the corn we bought last year in June. This year’s harvest is still months away, so we had saved half of the corn to distribute during this difficult time. Malawi should have a good harvest this year, as the rains have been sufficient in most of the country.

Moldova Report:

Studies at the Bible Institute in Moldova have resumed for second semester. The leadership team is now making plans for the summer camps. Moldova continues to be the poorest country in Europe. This is due to its proximity to Russia and their illegal interference in the Moldovan economy. Because of these situations, we have a great open door to continue to preach the Gospel in Moldova. Many of the youth who come to camp are from villages where the average income is still only about $100 per month. That is why we ask for help of $20 per young person. This small gift would allow a camper to hear the Gospel of Christ. Many that come for the first time accept the Lord as Savior. The Moldovan camp is an incredible place. God has blessed this ministry by allowing us to witness over 30,000 youth accepting Christ there since 1998.


Malawi: Bicycles for day camps, $100 each. We will train and send 11 evangelistic teams out this year. We hope to preach the Gospel to 100,000 people. The men on these teams encourage the present churches and start new churches from converts in new areas.

Moldova: Camp sponsorship of $20 per camper. By faith we will invite 2,000 youth and trust God for the funds. Please consider helping at least one youth come and hear the Gospel. It may help churches to know that $5,000 pays for a week of camp. In past years we have had American vacation Bible Schools pay for campers to come. Please consider this important project.

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