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Malawian Medical Clinics:

We have been very busy with our medical clinics this past month. In many of our clinics we have record crowds and it has been very difficult to handle the needs with our present team. I hope to add another doctor to our clinics in June of this year. Pray for us as we seek to help Malawians, not only with their ailments, but more importantly with their spiritual needs.

Moldovan Youth Camp:

We are getting close to the opening of summer camps in Moldova. The camp ministry has been a great blessing to so many through the years in Moldova, as tens of thousands of youth have found God there. We need your help again to send children and teens to camp. Only $20 will send one young person to our camp: a place where they will hear the Gospel, sometimes for the first time. This is one of the most exciting ministries we have ever seen in our 24 plus years on the field. Pray for us as we get ready to receive thousands of youth this summer in camp.

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