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Bible Institute in Moldova

We have had a great summer in Moldova! Thousands of youth attended the camps this year and many were saved. Thank you for your prayers and support for this ministry. We had our daughter Angela’s children with us for a 7-week visit, and that has been a great joy for Stephanie and me.

Our Bible Institute starts today. We are expecting 40 students to arrive this week for orientation, and classes are to start next week. We need support for these students’ education. We have several graduates who are in the process of starting churches, and many more have returned to their local churches and villages to minister there. I was talking to a local pastor the other day, and he was thrilled with the work of one of our graduates who is helping him in his church as a youth pastor. Your prayers and gifts are making a difference in Moldova. A regular gift of $50 a month helps a student study in the Institute and prepare to do God’s work.

We have officially turned this ministry over to Moldovan nationals this year. I am on the board of directors here so will still be a part of the work. Please continue to meet the needs of financial support and prayer. We have added some great leaders and helpers for the future. God is great and is answering your prayers.

Stephanie and I are heading back to Malawi next week. We have a month of Medical Clinics and two weeks of Pastors’ School and also Sunday School training conferences for women from the local churches. Pray for us as we travel and work.

I still have a few open dates for furlough. I have not been able to get in touch with several churches. If we are not scheduled, please contact us through email, and I will respond quickly.

We appreciate so much those of you who faithfully support us. God bless you in your areas of service and life.

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