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End of Year Update

MOLDOVA: We turned the operations of the camp and school ministries over to the Moldovans this past summer. I remain on the board, and there is still need to support the work. These are vital ministries and still need your gifts for success. If you have supported students or campers in the past, please continue to do so. EurAsian Baptist Mission will still be sending funds to Moldova. There are about 40 students in the school this year. We plan to expand the program to invite students from Central Asia; these are Russian-speaking students from the Muslim areas of the former Soviet Union.

MALAWI: In Malawi we have seen a year of great strides. The pastors and congregations of the new churches are growing spiritually. Through the evangelistic outreaches of Medical Clinics and Day Camp Teams the number of new believers and churches is multiplying across the southern part of the country.

This is Pastor FRIDAY and his wife, who rode for 14 hours on a bicycle to preach the Gospel of Christ and start churches. I shared his story when I preached in some of your churches recently.

Prayer and support: The cost of missions is ever rising. By increasing your support by even a little, you would make a ministry impact.

Full-time Missionaries Needed: 1. God has called Joshua Hutchens to work with the Biblical education of pastors in Malawi. He will move to Africa in July with his wife Stacy and their 5 children. They worked with us in Moldova for two years, and we are excited about them coming to join us. 2. In the future we could use another missionary to continue and expand the Mobile Medical Clinics and reach many more souls.

Missions in Central Asia: Pray for wisdom in helping our graduates and missionaries to minister in Central Asia. This is a high Muslim region of the former Soviet Union and needs the Gospel.

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