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Bible Institute Graduation 2018

Dear Friends and Supporters:

This is a very busy month in Moldova, as we finish up the Bible Institute and get prepared for summer camp. The Institute graduation was this past week with eight graduating students. The Vice-President of EurAsian Baptist Mission, Mark Zeigler, attended the graduation and board meeting in my stead, so I could finish my furlough. Mark reported the camp is in good shape and the spirits of the students high.

The Moldovan Camps starts soon, and we have funds for half the summer. Please consider helping us send young people to camp. A $20 gift will help one youth to come to camp and hear the Gospel of Christ. If you have followed our ministry the past 20 years, you know that many of these youth accept the Lord as Savior. We have seen hundreds of those who accepted the Lord as Savior go into His ministry. The effect of the camp is greater than we can see. Please pray for us as our Moldovan team works this summer.

Stephanie and I will be visiting our last two churches this week. We leave for Malawi on June 27. We have our first of three American missionaries coming in July. Josh and Stacy Hutchens will arrive with their 5 children mid July. After we have them settled we will start up our Mobile Medical Clinics and then have two weeks of Pastors’ School.

In mid September I will be visiting Moldova. From there I will go to central Asia to teach and meet with local pastors. Many of our graduates are working in Central Asia, and churches are being started. This is a difficult area of the world, and our pastors are struggling to minister and survive. I will share a full report after I return.

Prayer request:

  1. Souls saved in Moldovan camp; funds allowing children to attend

  2. Hutchens family arrival in Malawi

  3. Work in Malawi starting up in July and safety as Stephanie and I finish the furlough

  4. My September trip to Moldova and on to Central Asia

Thank you all for your gifts to the ministries and for your prayers. We really depend on it.

God bless,

Eric Chapman

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