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Camp is Approaching

Dear Friends, April 2018

There isn’t much to write about our furlough. I doubt you would be very interested in the fact that we have traveled over 16,000 miles since October and have 10,000 more to go; or the fact that we have slept in 54 different beds during that time. It has been encouraging to have visited many good churches and seen many friends the past few months.

The overseas ministries are more interesting. In Moldova we are in great need of camp funds this up-coming summer. If we can raise $40,000 at $20 per camper, we can fill the two camps with children and youth that need to hear the Gospel. I hope you will consider helping us. It would be a wonderful thing to be a part of a ministry that will preach the Gospel to thousands of youth. We believe that God will have the glory for many to be saved through the preaching and teaching at the Moldovan camps.

Upon our return to Malawi at the end of June, we will be very busy. A new missionary family will arrive shortly after we get back. Pray for Josh and Stacey Hutchens as they prepare to bring their five children over and start a new life. We will also start the medical clinics shortly after returning, and we have two pastors’ schools planned for later in the year. Pray for guidance, provision and protection as we direct these ministries for God’s glory.

I will visit Moldova in September and survey for new ministry opportunities in central Asia: part of the 10/40 Window. I also will be starting a public school evangelistic outreach in Malawi in the next six to nine months. We will not rest while souls need the Gospel. Anyone wanting a good mission trip, this new Malawian ministry will offer a chance to work with youth in schools. We could use young people who can help with sports and evangelism.

We return to Malawi on June 27th. We appreciate your prayers for our continued furlough travels and for our overseas ministries.

God Bless,

Dr. Eric Chapman

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