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Christmas Greeting 2018

Merry Christmas from Eric & Stephanie Chapman:

To recap our year, we spent the first 6 months on a long over due furlough. It was great to see most of our supporting churches and friends. We arrived back in Malawi in June to make sure all was set up for our new missionaries. The Hutchins arrived in July with their five children and are now working to adjust to their new life and to learn the main language of Malawi. We are on pace to start our full-time Bible school in September 2019. Pray as we work to make this school a reality.

I was also able to go to Tajikistan in September. This trip has been planned for years. I visited with many pastors and national missionaries. Many of the men I visited with have gone to Bible school in Moldova, and I had knowledge of their works before making the trip. The needs in Tajikistan and many of the Central Asian countries are just incredible. I have never seen servants of God do so much with so little. Many of these brothers and sisters are suffering persecution at the hands of their government or by their fellow citizens because of their faith in Christ. Pray about how we can help these saints of God as they struggle to get the message of Jesus to their people.

In Malawi, I was pleased at how the work progressed while I was away. My leaders have shown me they will work without being supervised and that they truly want to reach their own people. I believe the key to reaching all of Africa is through the local church leaders. My role is to train and assist them in this effort. We have put many programs in place that they can do without missionary dollars. Of course, all our schooling efforts take missionary support. Pray as we move toward self-sustaining church ministries in Malawi.

God Bless you during this season,

Dr. Eric Chapman

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