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Fall Update


We are pleased to report that the ministries are going great in Malawi. We just ran the last of the clinics for the year. We treated thousands of patients and every single person attending heard the clear preaching of the Gospel. Many were saved and added to the churches. Our nurse, missionary Kiki Cunningham, has fully taken over the directing of the clinics and is doing a great job. In addition to overseeing the medical clinics, Kiki is teaching several women’s Bible studies in our churches.

This week we are holding the last of the four pastors schools for the year. We are also starting the fulltime Bible School for young men from the village churches who are interested in serving Christ. We are calling the school “Shepherds Academy.” Our missionary partner Joshua Hutchens is leading this project and all the Biblical education of the mission.


This September we opened the 11th year of the Bible Institute with 16 new students. Victor Chiper is now leading the Institute under the direction of Mihai Sinogaci. How exciting to see the work continuing under national leaders. Pray that God will use many of these youth for the cause of evangelism and church planting.


As a result of seeing so many youth saved in Central Asia last summer we will be expanding the camp program there next summer. We would like to be able to invite about 500 youth next summer for evangelistic camp. We are forming a team in Central Asia and a network of local pastors to help with the work. We need a facility to rent and the funds for the camp. Pray for the supply of the Lord.

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