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Temporary Setbacks

Dear Friends,

We are seeing a lot of bad news these days, so let me start with the Good News. After we arrived in C.A. we went right to work visiting camps, churches, holding meetings with groups of pastors, and meeting with our graduates, who had attended our schools in Moldova. We secured a camp to rent for July and prepared to visit the other three C.A. countries where we have graduates. We also bought a car, and all was going well.

Now the bad news: don’t you just hate bad news? I had a relapse of my pericarditis heart condition. We were looking at camps in a mountainous region in a foot of snow, and I fell very ill with sever heart palpitations. In retrospect we believe that the combination of the camp’s 5,500-foot elevation and the bad weather triggered the setback. The city we lived in is at 3,000 feet above sea level, and the palpitations continued coming and going for the rest of the month. For weeks, I resisted returning to the States, but my heart did not improve, and we received counsel to return to see U.S. doctors. We arrived here the day the presidents’ travel ban from Europe took effect, went into self-quarantine, and called the doctor. My plan to secure medical direction and return to the field was forced to change due to global situations. We saw every country we have been working in all close their boarders within a few days after we left for the States. So, we will be weathering the storm here in the US with most of you.

Prayer requests: 1) We pray for each other. 2) We pray for the mission work here and abroad.

3) Pray for our summer ministries which are in jeopardy even now due to all the shutdowns and quarantines. June ministries are being reconsidered as I write this letter.

The Future Plan: As soon as I am able, I will return overseas. I must be cleared by my doctor and the world’s borders open up again. I promise to act my age by not overdoing it this time. We are realistic about financial impacts the mission must consider, but, as always, we trust the Lord for His supply.

My prayers are with you all, and I thank you for your prayers and support.

Dr. Eric Chapman

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