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Bible Institute Graduate & C.A. report

Dear Friends,                                                                                                  December 14, 2020


We want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


We have been in Moldova for almost two months now. We have been able to help the Bible Institute and plan for next summer. We have also been planning for our return to Central Asia.


I was thrilled to have one of our graduates from the Institute, Andrei Aftinescu speak in chapel last week. He has returned from Namibia, Africa where he was serving as a missionary. Sometimes we ask ourselves if it is worth all the hard work and sacrifice to serve as a missionary in a foreign country? Is it worth giving and praying? Andrei answered that question in chapel as he described his mission and calling. We have other graduates doing foreign missions as well as church plants in Moldova. Thank you for giving and supporting our students. We still need support for 2 students for this school year, if you want to help.


There is more good news. All the countries of Central Asia have opened up to foreign visitors. I am planning to go there in January, if God wills. I will travel to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan on a two-week trip and then back in the spring on a more permanent basis. Of course, we will be working in camps this summer in Kyrgyzstan, but we will be helping and visiting our graduate missionaries in the interim. We are praying about opening up a small Bible Institute in September in Central Asia. Please pray as we assess the needs and seek God’s will for His kingdom.


While these have been difficult days, these are also exciting days to be alive! When men fear and despair, Jesus brings hope and peace. Pray for us as we bring the Gospel of Jesus to those who have never heard or accepted it.


God Bless,


Dr. Eric Chapman


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