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Dear Praying Friends,                                                                                                                  August 3, 2021


We just finished a 7-day camp in Kyrgyzstan, and it was everything we hoped for in a week of camp. A high percentage of Christian campers attended, and they were starving for fellowship. It was beyond fun, and the fellowship was great. My associate, Salim Dosov, put together a great staff of Christian University graduates. They trained and planned through Zoom and came together as one of the best teams of young people I’ve ever worked with.

The large lake in Kyrgyzstan is called Issyk Kul. It is a beautiful spot for a camp. We invited youth from three different countries in Central Asia. Because of Covid restrictions some were not able to come. However, we had over 150 that did make the journey, some coming as much as 35 hours on the road.

At the end of the week we saw 35 accept the Lord, and many dedicated their lives to Christ. Many of those saved were friends of the Christians and came from Muslim families. There were three very serious Muslims at the camp, and they were very leery at the beginning of the camp. However, they sat through the preaching every night. They had heard that missionaries use a form of witchcraft to proselyte Muslims and were afraid and on guard. On the first night we looked at Jesus in the Quran and the 9 passages in the Muslim book about Jesus as Messiah. The second night the Book of Isaiah was used to describe the work of Messiah, and the third night we used the New Testament to show how Jesus met the qualifications of Messiah and to introduce Jesus as Emmanuel. On the invitation night it was a straightforward message about how Jesus the Messiah saves from sin. After the message, we had a moving invitation and many came forward. They were dealt with by their counselors and 35 made a first-time profession of faith in Christ! My three Muslim friends did not come, but after the service I asked them what they thought about the message. They all agreed it was fascinating and eye opening. They expressed to me that it had been the greatest week of their lives and now they needed to look at Jesus as Messiah in the New Testament. We agreed to meet up when I am in their country in September. Pray that they get saved and have new life in Jesus.


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