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Malawi and Moldova reports

Dear Praying Friends, November 13, 2021

We have finished the work in Africa for the year. We had 12 days of clinics and preached the Gospel to thousands. After the clinics we had two weeks of Pastors’ Conference. The last meetings of the year are called the founder’s conference. It is a time of preaching and inspiration. We had the conference in two locations and about 300 pastors, church planters, and students from our Bible School attended in total. It was a great time to be with our men and renew our vision for reaching Malawi for Christ.

The Malawian Bible School, called the Shepherd’s Academy, had 24 new students in October; this school will continue after the first of the year. Earlier this year nine Evangelistic teams preached to tens of thousands of people over many villages and reported the results of 31 new churches! I was able to preach in several of these new churches, all meeting under trees and greeting me with great enthusiasm. Pray for our students and for the new churches that they will grow strong in the faith.

Pray that we are able to get back to Central Asia next year and finish the work there. We need to start in March training the back packing teams. We also want to start preparing for two weeks of teen camp in Moldova and then two weeks in Central Asia. Our Moldovan team will run additional weeks of junior camp and several other camps. However, I will only attend the two weeks for teens in Moldova.

Pray for the ministry in Central Asia. It is a very fragile ministry now. With Covid-19, dictatorial governments, and Muslim oppression, we are forced to move slowly and cautiously. Our workers need prayer as they advance the work. I can’t be there full- time due to Covid-19 and governmental restrictions. Hopefully we will resolve that next year and we can be on site for extended periods of time.

I have not been in the States for two years and will return for the Holidays to see family. We are free to talk on any medium you choose after November 20. I’ve been putting out short videos and will link another one here. If you missed any of those let me know and I will resend the links.Video from Malawi:

God Bless,Eric Chapman D.D.


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