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Summer & Fall Ministries 2020

Dear Friends,                                                                                                    September 18, 2020


We have been quite busy since our return to Malawi in July. In August we ran four weeks of Mobile Medical Clinics. There is very little COVID 19 here in Malawi, so we are able to move and work freely. Along with being able to help well over a thousand people with their medical issues, we were able to share the Gospel of Christ with each of them. This month we are holding the Pastors’ schools. Our pastors are enjoying the teaching as well as the renewed fellowship. We will begin another round of clinics next week. Pray for us as we continue these ministries. 


In Moldova they have started the Bible Institute on time at the first of September. We have 6 new students, giving us a total of 22 students. We get most of our new students as a result of summer evangelistic camps, so the low number of new students is the result of cancelled camps due to pandemic restrictions. We also lost our annual ability for extra Institute income from renting our camp facilities during our off weeks. As a result, the funds necessary to run the institute are very low. Right now, we have 11 students that are sponsored by generous friends from the States. Please pray that God will lead at least 11 additional folks to help these students with $50 per month or $600 per year. This will help keep the school open for this year. 


Last week our team in Central Asia were able to open what we hope is the first of many youth centers. The centers we had planned to open were also delayed because this area was hit hard with the pandemic, and many have been sick. We hope to share a report with you soon about how this center is proceeding. Our goal is to expand this program to reach youth in the four Central Asian countries where we are working. 


Be assured we are praying for all of you and for the peace of America. If you ever wish to speak to me directly, you can call me on my magic jack phone system: 850-910-7122 or set up a Zoom meeting. 


God Bless,

Dr. Eric Chapman


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