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Ukrainian Refugee Update

Dear Praying Friends,                                                                                                April 19, 2022


Thank you for your support and prayers as we continue to work with Ukrainian refugees. Currently, we have about 100 persons per day sleeping at the camp. Most of them want to return home and are waiting for the war to end. Many of the ladies living here are working at the property. They are cleaning, helping in the kitchen, planting flowers and painting. The Ukrainians are hardworking people with a love of life. It has been a pleasure getting to know them.


I have been thinking about what to do next. What will happen when the war is over. Our new friends here will go home and rebuild. We at our mission are praying about going over and, with our resources, helping them rebuild their homes and churches. We have heard of small Bible schools that have been destroyed. At this time, we are starting to organize a team of men who can preach, sing, build, and help the people of the Ukraine. There will be opportunities to preach the gospel as well as help them rebuild their lives.


We will need to buy a three-ton truck out of Europe and prepare to go shortly after the war is over. Please pray for us as we get ready to go. We need a good team and the supply of the Lord.


At the same time, we are also preparing to run camps in Moldova and Kyrgyzstan. The Uzbek mission is planning backpacking adventures for youth. All this work is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. Pray for our teams as we work, plan, and trust in the supply of the Lord.


Here is a link to a short video about the Ukrainian situation.


Next time I will have a report on the Malawian ministry. They are finishing up Medical Clinics this week and preparing to send out the Evangelistic Teams into the villages in June.


God Bless,


Eric Chapman D.D.


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