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Medical Clinic

Exciting News from Malawi:

Last year Dr. Robert Marciano from South Dakota expressed an interest in helping our Malawian mission with a medical clinic. I had never heard of Dr. Marciano, but we were introduced over the phone by a mutual friend. I urged him to make a visit and view first hand the situation. On Doc’s first visit to Malawi, last August, we were of like mind: the great need is for a mobile clinic that would serve the poorest and most desperate remote villages. Our church planting movement was begun with these remote people in mind and I was thrilled to have a man come along beside us who cared about their souls and their suffering bodies.

We ran the first of these clinics last week . We held six clinics being in a different village every day and treated 618 persons. We had the chance to preach to over a thousand people the Gospel of Christ before and during the clinics. My Pastor was also here on a visit, and we understood it was not by chance that God brought Dr. Jeff Redlin and his son Conner here the same week as the clinics. Dr. Redlin was able to help us with a clear presentation of the Gospel and with crowd control using games, “magic tricks”, music, and additional preaching.

We treated 41% of the patients for malaria; many of those treated were children. There is no question we saved the lives of many of those poor souls. In all it was a great success. We consider this first clinic a learning experience. We are planning a second clinic with American doctors and Malawian practitioners the first two weeks in June 2015.

Our goal after next year’s clinic is to begin sending out a mobile medical team regularly to the remote villages. The team will be accompanied by myself and other ministers to present the Gospel along with Malawian medical personnel. We will need a better vehicle, like a Land Cruiser, which has the ability to get over the bad roads or in many cases the foot paths. We also will need to raise extra funds to buy medicine and pay the local doctors who will be working with us.

Anyone interested in helping with this project please contact me by email or phone. Any Doctors who would like to speak with Dr. Marciano can call him at 605-848-0322.

Please pray for us as we seek to win the nation of Malawi to Christ.

Dr. Eric Chapman

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