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Plans for 2015

Dear Friends,

This has been a busy month of ministry. We have had several guests looking at the ministry and participating in the work. We had multiple schools for our pastors this month in three locations. About 170 men attended the schools. Because of flooding in some regions of the country many could not come. The need of this significant number of men, almost all church planters or the result of church plantering, is the reason we need to finish our school building. All of these men slept in sub-par conditions during the schools, but there was no complaining. We have another school scheduled for March. Please pray for supply from the Lord; we are running these schools by faith.


Plans in Malawi for the coming months:

  • We are planning on starting the Mobile Medical Clinics in late April as the rainy season subsides. We have hit a snag about our Land Cruiser purchase. Currently we find no Land Cruisers for sale in Malawi - new or used. Pray as the Lord guides our search for the right vehicle.

  • We will continue with the day camps and build upon the foundation started last year. We will, Lord willing, expand the ministry this summer. We will need 20 new bikes at about $100 each. Pray for these funds. We believe we can reach 60,000 people this summer with the Gospel in day camps.

  • The Bible School building is coming along nicely. We will start the construction of the second floor soon; then we’ll need help with the roof. Please pray about helping us with some of the money needed for construction.

  • We are starting women’s meetings soon to train in the teaching of their church children. This is very needed in the local churches. Pray for Stephanie as she leads this new ministry.

  • Pray for us as we travel to the new churches and encourage the works.

Moldova Update:

The Moldovan ministry is in the process of being turned over to nationals. They have done an admirable job of running the work the past few years. The camp does need funds for this summer. Please consider having your youth group or vacation Bible school help send Moldovan youth to the evangelistic camp. Many Moldovan youth cannot come due to the poor economy there and need help with the cost. Last summer more than 70 percent of the youth attending camp made a decision for salvation or dedication to the Lord. We really need your help.

The Bible school in Moldova is starting up in a few weeks; pray for our students as they study and serve the Lord. As I write this, it is exciting to realize that some of our graduates are starting churches and serving faithfully in villages across Moldova.

Please keep Stephanie and me in your prayers. Health cautions are more critical here in Africa, and I need to be more careful than I was before in Moldova. We also are praying for a missionary assistant to come and learn the work here. I’m approaching 60 and need the help.

Eric and Stephanie Chapman

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